Friday, October 8, 2010

IXL at home

7th Grade- the following topics relate to what we are currently studying in math. If you want to work on this weekend, please work on these topics first and work toward a scaled score of 80 or more.
J.6, J.7 do the ratios form a proportion?
X.1 - identify proportional relationships
X.2 find the constant of variation
X.3 does x,y satisfy the equation
X.4 evaluate a function
X.5 complete a function table
X.6 write a rule for a function table
X.7 find points on a function graph

6th Grade - at this point, you should have all of section R complete, as well as S.1, S.2, and S.3. We have not yet reviewed all the material for section S.4, but you can give it a try and read the explanations. See how well you can do independently.


  1. Do we have to finish all of the tests over the break? Is it okay if we finish most of them?

  2. You don't have to start or finish them over the weekend. work at home is purely optional. They're just the topics to choose from if you choose to work over the weekend (but please don't work too much if you do)

  3. this is kieya kelly 6A

    can we use a calculator for R.10 (circle graphs with fractions)?

  4. sorry it was R.11 and I fixed it and I will ask my dad if I have time to try it out and this is after I get 100 an every thing